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  • InkBank 5600, 5601 HIGH GRADE DTF INKS

    InkBank 5600, 5601 HIGH GRADE DTF INKS

    This ink is for DTF printing/HTP Printing. Great for printing on direct to film systems with a DX5/DX7 print head  IE3200 / 4720 / XP600 / 5113 Heads and more, if you're unsure just ask but this ink fits many model heads. Please note that you will need to know how to use the ink for your process.   *Bottle Sizes may vary during covid. Bottle sizes are approximate and can vary depending on settling. Results are not guaranteed and will depend on machine settings/environment. If using for DTF you should test before purchasing large volumes. There is no product guarantee and we are not responsible for performance. You will also need to test with your current film if you are not on our film. This is common sense in Direct To Film. Not all film will work with each ink set.   

    $16.99 - $599.99


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