InkBank DTF INKS For DX5 / IE3200 / 4720 / L1800 / P600 / 5113 Heads

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This ink is for DTF printing/HTP Printing. Great for printing on direct to film systems with a DX5/DX7 print head (Epson repurposed dtg's and Epson A3/A4 printers utilizing DX5 / IE3200 / 4720 / L1800 / P600 / 5113 Heads). Please note that you will need to know how to use the ink for your process. 

 *Bottle Sizes may vary during covid. Bottle sizes are approximate and can vary depending on settling. Results are not guaranteed and will depend on machine settings/environment. If using for DTF you should test before purchasing large volumes. There is no product guarantee and we are not responsible for performance.